The Dork Sidhe (where the coffee is strong and the cookies are magically delicious)

Sometimes I'm crabby. Sometimes I'm not.

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Karen, aka Ana Lake, ska Aine inghean Cathal
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From the North Coast to the Chesapeake Bay, by interesting routes. I'm your typical middle-aged suburban woman on the outside, but I think I'm bigger on the inside. I'd describe myself as follows, in no particular order: A writer, an aficionado of puns and offbeat humor, a certified word nerd, and a card-carrying geek. A lover of coffee, books and music. A fan of science fiction and speculative fic (no zombies need apply). A Parrothead who loves boat drinks. A history buff and historical recreationist active in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

I brew beer, cider and mead in my kitchen. I sew clothing and costumes. I'm averse to stress and to high-strung people. Night owl. Caffeine addict. (These last two items may be connected; further research is required.)

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